MailChimp was on the verge of losing multiple high-profile clients on the Shopify Platform.

MailChimp, the nation’s leading Email Marketing Software Company, experienced the threat of losing countless high profile customers due to an update on the Shopify platform that would discontinue the MailChimp Integration. The consequence of this threat would be the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars to MailChimp and a massive increase in their customer churn rate.

The challenge was migrating all MailChimp cliental on the Shopify Platform over to a new third-party integration that would still meet the needs and demands for an eCommerce business, including the ability to keep customer lists and subscriber lists connected and automated.


Professional project management and client communication to help existing customers successfully migrate to a new integration.

As both a valued MailChimp Expert and Shopify Partner, ChampKid Design worked closely with MailChimp to transfer some of their existing clients over to a new Shopify integration. In order to succeed, it required a deep knowledge of both the MailChimp and Shopify platforms, as well as the skill to professionally manage client communications in an effective workflow.

"We really love the work ChampKid Design does and they are such a valued partner”, says Becky Fuller from MailChimp.

With the knowledge and expertise of both platforms, ChampKid Design was hired specifically to handle the successful migration and client communication of high-profile clients, including the popular brand "Simplified" by Emily Ley.

Popular website brand "Simplified" by Emily Ley
"Thanks Greg. Appreciate your help!" - Emily Ley


8 high-profile customers retained and up to $250,000 in annual revenue saved.

In just a matter of 4 weeks, ChampKid Design was able to successfully migrate and retain all clients given to our care, saving MailChimp up to $250,000 in annual revenue and establishing trust for years to come.

"Greg with ChampKid Design is a valuable partner and helped make this [migration] a success. We look forward to many more opportunities to work together. Thank you for all the work you’ve done for so many customers!”, says Fuller.

"We’re impressed with ChampKid Design’s work!”
- Cliff Corr,
Director of Partnerships at Mailchimp.