Building a profitable brand strategy for a new company with a micro-niche market.

Pacific Northwest Cookie Company (PNWCC) currently makes the only Vegan and Gluten-Free cookies on the market. Their cookies are guaranteed to be so delicious you can’t tell they are vegan based.  PNWCC first broke into the market as winners of an elevator pitch competition and grew their business on the backs of local and popular retail locations. ChampKid Design was brought on as a brand design and marketing specialist to help PNWCC create a powerful brand strategy that would reach their niche market and grow their company.

"When I started my company, we had a name and a product. That’s it. I knew nothing about design, packaging, marketing, e-commerce or how to build a website. It was extremely overwhelming! I felt like I was trying to move a mountain by myself," says Callie Carpenter, the founder of Pacific Northwest Cookie Company.

The challenge was taking on PNWCC as new company, only several months old at the time, and building a brand around their product and core values that would build trust with their target consumers.


Building a brand identity driven by market research and powered by a proven strategy.

ChampKid Design worked closely with Pacific Northwest Cookie Company to develop individual assets like logo design and packaging to a full scale brand strategy driven by research, experience and our proprietary framework to win customers.

New Label Designs for PNW Cookie Company
"I had several conversations with Greg where he asked great questions to understand better what I was looking for. He was a great listener and gave his expert opinion while still collaborating to make sure it’s what I felt comfortable with."

After finalizing PNWCC’s brand identity and brand strategy that we built for them, we then focused on introducing this new branding to their existing and upcoming distributors and customers. The response was extraordinarily positive and well received.

PNW Cookie Co.'s new slogan
"EVERYONE, consumers and other business owners all comment on how all of our branding is chic and unique and consistent. We had been in business for only 8 months and most customers I talked with thought we’d been operating for years.”


Over 14,000 new qualified leads in 8 weeks with a  36 to 1 (3600%) return on investment after 5 years.

In preparation for launching PNWCC’s new online store, ChampKid Design targeted PNWCC’s micro-niche market with a brand strategy using a minimal ad budget and a high-performance lead funnel to generate over 14,000 qualified signs-ups within 8 weeks with a remarkable 92% sign up conversion rate!

Results for a campaign ChampKid Design ran for PNW Cookie Co. over an 8 week period
"ChampKid Design is freakin’ phenomenal. Greg does research about your company and your competitors and offers real solutions on how to set yourself apart which is what he did for us. I just can’t say enough.”

Pacific Northwest Cookie Company continues to experience growth across their B2B distribution and B2C sales online because of the mature brand identity and strategy created for them by ChampKid Design.

PNW Cookie GIF created for ad campaigns

Even more, they have a new found confidence in the future of their growing business.

"I feel confident. I know I don’t need to worry about my businesses brand development, website, marketing or any marketing collateral. I can just focus on building my business.”